Smart Breastfeeding Meter

Momsense Product Description

Momsense developed the Smart Breastfeeding Meter (patent pending)
that provides mothers with a real-time tracker that measures breastfeeding
volume. The technology is embedded in a sensor* (designed as
earphones) and combined with smart phone application**. A double
sided adhesive (hypoallergenic bio compatible 3M) is attached to the
sensor, and the sensor is then placed below the baby ear.
The result is an intuitive, plug & play system-providing mothers with
real-time tracking of swallows & measurement of the volume.

*The sensor is a microphone and it is a passive component.
**The application is fully operate on Airplane mode as well.

Quick guide for using MomSense kit:

1. Open the MomSense application
2. Plug-in MomSense earphones to the port of your smart-phone.
3. Disconnect the sensor unit with its sticker from the cover (cradle).
4. Place the sensor approx. 1cm underneath you baby`s ear.
5. Press the “start” button on the app 6. Breastfeed naturally

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