We are glad to assist you to achieve business success.

We are offering following services to our Customers. For details please get in touch with us. We shall get back to you with appropriate estimate to suits your requirements.

For Indian Customers:

  • Promote your business in Domestic Market.
  • Analyze your business for KAIZEN.
  • Process AUTOMATION guidance and support.
  • Connect Right Partner Company ( Domestic / Foreign )
  • IT Customization to speed up the process and Data generation.
  • Business Opportunities ( Domestic / Foreign )
  • Platform to promote business and grow in global market.
  • Provide Skilled Resource.
  • Quality Inspection and Monitoring.
  • Import Export and Logistic Support.
  • Translation and Interpretation Support.
  • 3D Cad Design

For Foreign Customers:

  • Translation and Interpretation support
  • Arrange Local Trip for Vendor Survey or Monitoring.
  • Local Travel Planning ( Domestic Hotel / Air / Transport planning )
  • Prototyping Activity for Client.
  • Quality Inspection for Client.
  • Status Reporting and Vendor Monitoring.
  • Delivery Management
  • Import / Export service.
  • Product promotion in PAN INDIA.
  • Logistic Support.
  • Identify Right Vendor.
  • Local Company formation support.
  • Cost Negotiations and Mutual discussions between Client and Vendors.