Outsource Manufacturing

What is Outsource Manufacturing??

Thank you for your interest.

Here we will give you all End to End service to find a right partner for your components you want to develop / produce it from India.

With our good network in India, we will check for right and reliable partners from India and introduce them to you.

You are required to evaluate them based on your quality criteria. Once you approve any vendor then we will manage all process and procurement activity and control of all feature including communication, follow-up, Quality checks, Delivery and Logistic handling from India as your reliable partner from India.

We have worked with many giant companies like Hitachi, NTT Data, Kansetu, Kowa Machines, etc and connected with many other companies in Japan.

We will make sure your India project will be fruitful and you can take benefits of globalization and expand your business further.

What types of Items I can look for??

There is no limited on the domain and product you are looking for. We will try to locate a good partner for you in India.

Below is few domains from which you can get quality outsource manufacturing

  • Casting of various Automotive and Non Automotive components
  • Forging of various Automotive and Non Automotive components
  • Machining for various Automotive and Non Automotive components
  • Injection Molding
  • Press components
  • Any other

Is it safe to outsource in India??

Yes, its absolutely safe to outsource to India. There are cultural differences but with proper approach and local strong support from us, we can assure you that you will get confidence with India project in few moths.

Most of the time, Japanese companies fails as they could not get a genuine local support like us or cultural differences are not addressed properly.

What are the merits of outsourcing??

There are many merits with outsourcing from India.

  • You can eliminate resource crunch issue increasing rapidly in japan.
  • You can get your product produced cheaply.
  • You can find a long term partner to address global business needs.
  • You can save from multiple overheads by delegating few roles to us.
  • You will get cost benefits as well.
  • Some cases you will find technologies those are not yet available in Japan.
  • You can gradually expand in India as a next emerging market.