PE/PP/PVC Quality Scraps from Japan

Scraps from JAPAN

When it comes to Plastic Scrap, Japan has a huge stock of quality scraps.
As Japanese companies do take precautions in regards to plastic contents and quality, you can assure a very good quality of scrap which in result will give you good quality of product made out of it.

So If you are a Dealer / Manufacturer then please get in touch with your requirement of scrap.

Following Types of Scrap can be sourced from Japan at reasonable rate then Industry.

1. PVC Scraps ( Hard Regrind – Black, Grey and Brown Color )
2. PP Jumbo Bags ( 1T capacity )
3. PE Blue Sheets in bulk Qty
4. LDPE Lumps
5. HDPE Lumps
6. Metal Scraps

As per the Material and Specifications, there are different varieties and quality and rates are varies accordingly. Also there are fluctuations in the market, you are requested to visit Japan to check and fix the deal on the spot or based on your requirement, you will be contacted once stock is arranged for few critical and shortage scraps.

You can get better rate and regular supply from Japan. Only for Limited People who can manage to supply respective country.

Kindly get in touch for discussion

Please register your request in below form. ( Parties willing to visit Japan are welcome )

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