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Attended On August 22nd to 25th, 2016 AUTOMATION EXHIBITION is planned at Bombay Exhibition Center.


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Valve Dispensing Concept

Digital Controlled Precise Dispensing Valve for Liquids under Gravity Flow (Patented Technology)

1. Using only one single valve and specially developed controller one can dispense a wide range of target quantities – fixed standard quantity / volume like 1 Litre, 500mL, 100mL, 10Kg etc or odd target quantities like 835.7 grams, 32153 grams etc. Calibrate only once and set random targets. Select viscosity profile for change in fluid media to use same valve.

2. The new concept offers only one single (maximum possible) flow-rate at 100% open and several dispensing packets of fine varied sizes (quantity). This helps stretching the range of liquid dispensing target quantities, making it highly versatile for small, medium and large quantities. The popular “Coarse & Fine Control” becomes history.

3. The smallest packet measures fraction of gram that becomes “Least-Count” of the valve, an all new property assigned to valve. This thrashes out concept of percentage (%) accuracy, delivering any quantity in specified wide range at par with Least-Count! This further saves cumulative losses observed in today’s practice of % accuracy. To say, the weights and measures department allows errors up to 0.3% of target quantity, accepting limitations of prior technologies. This brings forward the fact – the new technology delivers accuracy beyond international standards!

4. Less variety of valve sizes is required as one valve size can handle varied viscosity materials and varied range of target quantities – Thanks to its Specially Developed Digital Control

5. The factors like maintaining header level are now redundant as the new concept automatically compensates the flow changes due to header level and ambient temperature by making intelligent use of packet-dispensing and auto-tune algorithm.

6. Made of SS316 and Teflon, makes it suitable for many industry sectors like Oil and Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Flavour & Fragrance, Paint & Resins, Polymer, Food & Beverages, Biotechnology, Textile, Ink, Dairy, Leather, Pesticides, Water, Chemicals and many more. The applications can also be found in commercial outlets, irrigation, animal farming etc.

7. Increases throughput (Fast and Accurate)

8. Pneumatic actuation makes it safe for Hazardous fluid media.

9. Cumulative savings of natural and man-made resources due to high accuracy and the need of less number of valves to cover wide range of quantity targets, extending range of viscosity materials a single valve can support make this a Green, Carbon Saving technology, as appreciated by Carbon Trust, UK!!

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