KAITORE(カイトレ) – Connecting Student / Culture / Communities




Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/kaitoreindo

Website URL : http://www.kaitoreindo.com/

We launched this service initially in Japan. Our Service will enable Japanese Students to go global, get a real business expertise, exposure of culture, ethics, positive and negative points of India.

We help them to get real expertise before they actually join company after graduation. This is add a Silver Bullet in their Profile.

While conducting this program we might need frequent Industrial Panel Discussions, Mentoring, Training, Guidance, Knowledge exchange etc in long run.

This way Industrial sector also understand the requirements and culture at Japan when they interact with Japanese students. In turn Domestic manufacturers can prepare in advance to create their foot print in Global Market.

We are targeting MAKE IN INDIA. So Lets support and Spread out this Service in your group in and out side INDIA.

Any foreign students are welcome as part of the program.

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